In the lakes, rivers and streams around Galå Fjällgård there is a large population of trout, char, grayling and pike.

You can fish in Börtnan's two popular fishing areas "East" and "West". Mountain fishing in water bodies above the tree line is a special experience.

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Fly fishing at Ljungan

Grayling fishing in Sweden

Fishing in the mountains

Ice fishing in Jämtland

Fishing for pike

Enjoy the most beautiful fishing spots in Jämtland's undisturbed nature. You can easily reach many shores by car or on foot. Lonely forest and mountain lakes are just waiting to be discovered by you for your special fishing experience.

On some banks you will find shelters that invite to stay and enjoy the nature a while. The fire pits in many of the windbreaks are ideal for a cozy fire after a successful day of fishing.